7 Bad SEO Tactics to Avoid in 2022

Bad SEO Tactics

You want your site to grow, get more traffic, and have higher positions on search engines. That’s clear. To do this, you employ various SEO techniques.
But do you know what SEO tactics will be odd in 2022? Well, we’ll tell you what techniques you need to leave behind.


Bad SEO tactics to avoid in 2022

1. Keyword stuffing

Now you have to avoid putting as many keywords in your text as possible. Instead, try using one or two long-tail keywords and adding semantically related information and context around a chosen topic.

2. Spammy comments

Leaving hundreds of comments on various sites to get backlinks to your site won’t probably work. Most of the links in comments are nofollow meaning they won’t pass any value or authority.

3. Bad UX

Are you leaving your site’s design without any updates or not caring about users’ interaction with your site? Then you’ll fall lower on SERP. If you have outdated design, high bounce rates, – work on this, to improve your positions.

4. Unnatural links

Selling links between multiple sites you own, adding hidden links, widget links, and other examples of unnatural links placement may harm your site. Instead, use only white hat tactics of backlinks acquisition.

5. Duplicate content

Duplicate content might confuse Google so it won’t know which page to pass authority to. So, avoid copying exact same text or product descriptions. Also, be really careful with the preview texts for your articles.

6. Intrusive interstitial ads

This mostly applies to your site’s mobile version when pop-ups with ads fully cover the page with the article. Such kinds of ads negatively affect UX and may lead to Google ranking your site worse on SERP.

7. Exact match anchor text overuse

It’s a common and usually harmless practice. Of course, until you take it too far. The point is to use the exact match anchor text that looks natural. It’ll be much better when you mix different types of anchor texts.

So, get rid of these techniques right now to meet 2022 as a high-ranking site with lots of traffic. Adsy is always here to help you get quality backlinks from high DA sites.

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