Best phone for PUBG Mobile

phone for PUBG Mobile

Best phone for PUBG Mobile:-

PUBG Mobile is an intense graphics battlefield game that requires a compelling mobile phone to operate correctly. If you want to get Chicken Dinners and the best results for your matches, you have to play it on a phone which truly fulfills its requirements as display pixels, RAM, Processor, and Storage type. The overall best mobile phone which stands out from the pack for the best performance in PUBG Mobile is the OnePlus 8 Pro now at present. It comes with perfect internals and a Display capable of 120Hz AMOLED LCD, which provides you with a super real display effect for the game. Following is a list of the best mobile phones which owe you perfect gameplay for PUBG Mobile.

1. One Plus 8 Pro:-

One Plus 8 Pro is the best Android phone now, having 8GB of RAM, with a Snapdragon 865 Chip-set Processor which enables you to the fastest process of the phone. Although PUBG Mobile is designed to run on 2GB RAM phones, it operates slowly on those devices. Suppose you want to experience lag-free gameplay free of glitches. In that case, you will need a high graphics phone having admirable specifications to run it at the possible highest graphic settings, and One Plus 8 Pro fits best in this category. Its hardware specifications deliver enormous power to generate a flawless gaming experience for you.

Its software which is the latest operating system of OnePlus, known as OxygenOS, delivers a smooth, speedy, and hang-less software experience, which especially includes a Boost Gaming Mode to run your PUBG Mobile smoothly and efficiently. Oxygen OS allows you to customize its controls and settings according to your needs, and it allows you to block disturbances while you are playing games. You can set alarms and calls notifications to a limit, a limitation for displaying notifications over the games, and you can enjoy your game without any notification disturbances.

While talking about its natural display, it is based on 120Hz, FHD along with a Super AMOLED display panel, which makes a real-time display experience for your game. One Plus 8 Pro offers you a stereo sound system, which makes game sounds better and real-time; you can enjoy your PUBG Mobile delightfully and smoothly. Moreover, it includes wireless charging, dust and water resistance, and a secondary speaker tucked away above the display. This phone is also very useful for different writing purposes as it helps you work smoothly. Many writers of online essays help use this phone to make their work quicker.

2. ASUS ROG Phone 2:-

It is a specially made phone introduced in the market as a Gaming Phone. ASUS ROG is the All-Purpose best phone in the market having the highest specifications. ROG delivered a number of compelling features that made it the number-one Android phone in the market. It assigned a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor in it, 12 GB of RAM, and massive internal storage of 512 GB. All the high specs allow you to experience the best and unrivaled gaming, while plenty of RAM and storage make your phone perform at its peak making PUBG Mobile a light and delightful game on your ASUS ROG Phone 2. The massive 6000 mAh battery enables you to enjoy more extended gameplay, although the phone has a 6.6 inches Super AMOLED display screen, the incredibly long battery provides you enough time for operation.


The Full HD display contains a 120Hz refresh rate, which makes resolution more apparent and visible to you and you can enjoy your PUBG Mobile at best. The 3.5 mm headphone jack enables you to enjoy headphones for the game and fast-responding AirTrigger controls are also present in this phone. These are customization, capacities shoulder buttons, specially designed for gamers to enjoy a rush, delay-less and flawless fight during the game. You can map these buttons on the screen according to your need and enjoy the best performance in a game. You can say it is the best Gaming phone present in the market, offering you all the necessary and hot specs for the best gaming experience.


3. Nubia Red Magic 5G:-

Maybe, you didn’t hear about Nubia earlier, and it is a new mobile phone manufacturing company. Nubia is offering the best gaming phone, namely the Red Magic 5G while having a very small price of $600 as compared to other quality phones. The Nubia Red Magic 5G contains all the latest hardware including a 144Hz Super AMOLED LCD having 6.6 inches display screen. The display comprises a 100% of DCI-P3 color gamut, which makes your gaming display more realistic and clear. The phone consists of the latest processor and ChipSet of Snapdragon 865, having RAM of 8GB along with 128GB internal storage. The dedicated gaming mode in this mobile offers you a smooth, fast, and lag-free gaming experience.

The most exciting fact is that Nubia Red Magic launched 5G technology, having global connectivity. You get shoulder-mounted game triggers in this phone to make your gaming easier and easier. They included a 4500 mAh battery which is enough for this smartphone, and you can enjoy your PUBG mobile on it without any hassles. The latest and most valuable features which are a lot in number, are provided to you for only in $600, it is a fantastic choice for gamers.

4. Samsung Galaxy S20+:-

There is no need to praise Samsung for its quality phones, but Samsung Galaxy S20+ defeated all the smartphones with its high spec and several extraordinary features. Though it is an expensive phone, it owes a Super HD Display for your gaming experience. PUBG Mobile requires high display specs for better performance. Samsung Galaxy S20+ is the best display phone for the PUBG Mobile game, including a 6.7 inches AMOLED screen, providing the best possible color clarity and brightness options. It packs a 120Hz display, the best refreshing rate by this flagship this year.

The phone contains a Chip Set of Snapdragon 865, having 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage which varies according to the price. The fixed 4500 mAh battery and Samsung Game Booster work in coordination to provide you better and more reliable gaming experience. This gaming-eccentric software helps to minimize distractions during gameplay and gives you the best tools for gaming. However, Samsung has ditched the jack for headphones, and it may create a little hassle in the sounds of games. Because wireless headphones always possess a small delay in sounds.

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