Best Products for Selling Online in Pakistan in 2020

Products for Selling Online


Best Products for Selling Online in Pakistan in 2020:

The primary reason for the failure of most online shopping stores is that they fail to figure out the market trends and the best-selling products in the market. With a massive range of products available in the market, it is a real deal to figure out the best-selling and most in-demand. In such a big competition where hundreds of other online stores are also working and generating good sales, it is hard to figure out the right products and compete in the market.

 online shopping stores

In such situations, do you know what gives the money? The unique strategic approach, staying alert all the time and experimenting with different things. But most of all, you should have a winner’s mindset and continuous learning, research, and preparation for success.

Although the online market of Pakistan is not on a peak like other states, it’s expanding at a higher rate. There were many stories in the online market of Pakistan, but a few giants mainly captured the market. All others were working on a small scale with a few hundred products on them. The recent pandemic changed the whole situation of the need and suddenly, the offline physical market also started shifting to the online. All at once, the trend changed, and the online sales shoot almost 800 times than the regular time. A lot of new online stores joined the race during this period and took advantage of the pandemic.

People were unable to go out, so they started ordering online everything they need. They didn’t want to risk their lives.

The Fast-Changing World of Technology:

As we are living in a fast world where everyone is in a hurry. People don’t like going to the markets, wasting hours to buy a product, and standing in lines. They take advantage of advanced technology. They order online through any store they find the best and get the product delivered at their doorstep in a day or two or a maximum a week. So, who hustles to go to the market in this lazy generation?


We have figured out through in-depth research and analysis of different online stores and their sales. Here are the top best-selling products of 2020 in Pakistan with their details and specs.

Phone Tripods:

As the tik tok craze took over the world the tripods became a high in-demand product. Early these were only used by professional photographers, videographers or YouTubers but as the TikTok took over the generation every 2nd person is ordering the tripod to shoot his video and put it over the internet. Everyone has a will to be well known or a social media celebrity and lot of people earned overnight fame through this platform.

Phone Tripods


These are available in various sizes and designs and specifications. Mostly these are made up of aluminum with plastic or rubber base to avoid any skidding or slipping. Some also have a remote control with Bluetooth or wired connection with the phone to control from a distance. These mobile tripods are much lower in price as compared to the camera tripods. Some also come with an additional ring light around for a brighter and better picture of video shot.  If you are looking for good quality tripod at low price than eMela is the best choice where you can find a variety of mobile phone tripods and ring lights.


Portable Hand Mixers:

The portable hand mixer and blender is also one of the best sellers in the online market of Pakistan. The hand mixer by national with one year of warranty is a real value to money product with a high demand. It has 5 adjustable speeds and a comfortable grip. It has the power to mix everything in the kitchen from soft liquids like whipping cream to the hard-dense dough. It comes with two types of stainless-steel hooks. One for mixing the liquids and the other for mixing dense mixtures like dough etc. It consists of a high-quality powerful motor with pure copper winding and a strong plastic body. The hooks are dish washer safe and can be easily separated and changed. It starts from low speed and gradually goes to higher as the speed switch is shifted.

Portable Hand Mixers


Smart Watches:

A new product range has taken over the spot among the top selling products in Pakistan. Earlier we required big computers for several task than the technology improved to mobile phones and now the advancement have enclosed such advanced operations into just a wrist watch. You can track your healthy, your blood pressure, your steps, can make a phone call, can control your mobile phone and many more in just a small device. The trend of wrist watches was almost gone with the birth of advanced smart phone technology.

Smart Watches

But as the technology progressed the whole smart phone technology shifted to just a single smart watch that is able to perform all the operations that a regular smartphone does.  Hence these cool smart devices are also one of the highest demanding products of 2020 online in Pakistan. These are available in multiple prices and functionalities. A huge collection of smart watches is available online on many stores like Telemart, Daraz, eMela, I-Shopping etc. If I recommend you among these than eMela is the best option to buy a smart watch online in Pakistan.


Earphones and Air Buds:

Everyone loves music and if you are a music lover than you would definitely know the tru sound device. You may not be satisfied of your smart phone or media bundle or may find hard to carry the big headphone with you everywhere. The earphone and the wireless earbuds are the best for you. This is the reason for these products to be among the best sellers of 2020 in Pakistan online market. There are multiple kinds of wired earphones available online with different voice quality and prices. Also, now the wireless earphones and most of all the wireless earbuds are trending online. As there is no hustle of carrying the wire around and you just put the earbud in ear and the show goes on. These are available in multiple design and specifications.


Now air buds are available in touch controls and you can control multiple functions by single touch. These are available on multiple stores online like telemart, daraz etc. but I bought one from and these were pretty good in quality and are true value for money with great quality of sound and long battery life. There are lot of copies available in the market at different prices like on daraz. The products exactly look the same but is different in quality. As there are vendors on daraz and there is no check for the genuine product so it is out of competition. Through my own personal experience, I would recommend you to buy from eMela as they deliver the genuine and authentic product at best price in the online market.


Portable Rechargeable Juicer Blender:

The portable juicer blender is a handheld device that can be used to make fresh and healthy smoothies, shakes and juices anywhere. It is rechargeable and easy to carry. It is not just best-selling online in Pakistan but is highly in demand in whole world. If you are a fitness guy or health conscious than it is a very useful product for you as you can easily carry it anywhere with you at office, on travel, or gym etc. You can make 8 to 10- or 12-times juice or shake in it with a single charge.

Portable Rechargeable Juicer Blender

It has USB type 2 port for charging and a push button to turn it on and off. Its stainless-steel sharp blades are sharp enough to smash any fruit or vegetable. It is dishwasher safe and very easy to wash as all of its parts are can be separated. It is an amazing device to carry with you

Ice Snow Maker (Gola Machine):

This amazing machine is also highly quality and hand operated. It is used to make slush and fresh h with different flavour of them. This is one of the best products as kids as well as parents love this. Due to quarantine it is not safe to eat from our plus with this they can stay home and can make slushes and flavor.  This machine comes with 6 stick for golas and a cup for pressing Ice on.  There is also another bowl to collect ice and 3 bowls to freeze ice from water.  I myself bought this from eMela for my use ant home. It is made up of flexible food grade plastic with rubber base to avoid slip during use. It has a stainless-steel blade that shaves the ice very fine.


Once we put the ice inside the machine from top and the cap is closed. There is a handle that rotates to shave the ice. It is long-lasting and a very good product for making fun and entertaining with kids at home and enjoys the summer. It is available in various prices online but I have purchased from eMela  at the lowest price. The quality is outstanding at such a small price.

Wrist Watches

Wristwatches have always been a part of fashion and without this the dressing seems incomplete. Although technology has improved and watches are not a necessity nowadays but these are a symbol of confidence. Most boys and men love to wear wrist watch even if they have a smartphone to see the time. Those who are true watch lovers spend a lot on them. That is the reason for them to be among the best-selling products of 2020.

There is a huge collection of watches available online that include digital watches, analog and dual moment watches. Dual moment means a watch that have both functionalities of digital as well as analog. There are multiple luxury brands available online but these are not affordable for every person. But there is another way you can have the exact same watch at very low price. There are master copies available of all the luxury brans online that are much lower in price as compared to the original ones but have almost or exactly same functionalities. These are affordable for everyone easily. These are one of the most in-demand products and if you have a plan to sell online than these are the perfect to start with.

Velvet Travel Neck Pillow:

Everybody loves comfort while traveling or at home. So the travel neck pillow with soft and high-quality memory foam is so relaxing that its sale has reached among the best selling products of 2020. These pillows are not only for travel but can be used anywhere in the office, at home or office or anywhere where you have to sit for long hours. This helps in relaxing the neck muscles and gives comfort. The memory foam adjusts automatically according to the shape of the body.

When not in use it automatically restores its original shape in few seconds. There are so many variants and qualities available in simple or air-filled but those ones are not like these memory foam. The price is almost the same just a little different. But when one is spending money than he should pay for the best With fast shipping.These are some of the most selling products online in Pakistan that are in demand as well as there is a high competition among all these niches.

If you are a seller than do detailed research like average sales etc. Then cost and return and after whole analysis consider the competition in that niches. Don’t just go for any product blindly and decide the one that is up to the mark from all the aspects. If you are a buyer and looking for the best quality products online in Pakistan then there are some of the trusted online shopping stores in Pakistan where you can find the best quality. Some of them are Daraz, telemark, I shopping, eMela, home shopping, etc.

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