11 Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Drive Traffic To Website

11 Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Drive Traffic To Website: Getting traffic means you are getting more visitors, there it’s your only store or blogging site. Generating more traffic to your online store is a crucial part of growing your business. If your site is properly optimized it help you a lot in getting an increase in web traffic.

Tips: make sure you should know your targeted audience, for whom you are showcasing your work. Then apply these tactics for best possible outcomes!!!

How to drive traffic to your website

Here are some useful ways to drive traffic to your website

  1. Online advertising
  2. Promotion on social media
  3. SEO (optimize your content)
  4. Keywords
  5. Speed of your site
  6. E-mail marketing
  7. Answer question on quora
  8. High quality info graphic
  9. Merge similar post
  10. Paid traffic i.e. engaging in influencer marketing
  11. Update old content


1 Online Advertising

Every month, there are nearly 2.5 billion active users on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram, and 330 million on Twitter worldwide. It is one of the most effective ways to create your audience of all sizes. Online ads have become a daily part of internet life. Using Google adds one can easily drive traffic to its website.

2 Promotions by using Social Media

Social media is the most effective source to drive traffic to your website. You can share your work on social media pages that you have created for your work, Like, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. As through social media, you can react to the biggest audience through social media add promotion.

3 Search Engine Optimization

SEO “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, it means to improve your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches. Search engines use bots to crawl pages on the web to collecting information about relevant searches put them in an index. It includes the title and keywords you use, where you should use high volume keywords with low competition.

4 Use of Keyword

The keyword is one of the important sources to rank your site. Seo keywords and phrases of your website, allow you to navigate your website using search engines. An optimized website with the support keywords helps search engines to ‘speak the same language’ to their visit to find what they are looking for.

Free Keyword finder Tools

  1. Google keywords Planner 
  2. Wordstream
  3. WordTracker

5 Speed of website

Your website is fully optimized as if your web page is not fully working it may cause people to leave your webpage. Many sites are available to optimize your site performance.


6 E-mail marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing technique focused on delivering emails and connecting with website visitors. A successful email marketing campaign transforms consumers into subscribers and converts first-time users into recurring customers. One benefit of email marketing is that you can organize the whole process.

7 Answer Question on Quora

Quora is a great way to drive traffic to your website. It also helps you, when you write an answer to a question, do not only you help people, but you polish your skills and experience. You discover a hidden area of expertise as you answer a query you didn’t think you had any expertise about that area. The best place to find content to link to your Quora replies on your blog. Linking blog posts in your responses would get attention to your web and prove your business as a thought-provoking expert in your field. Choose an article with several explanations and tactics such that users of Quora have a justification to click on the link you include in the reaction to your article. Make sure your blog post will answer a question your target market may have posed.

8 High quality infographic

With millions of posts written every day, bloggers need to be extra innovative when it comes to their content campaign. A small budget can help you start ads or video marketing campaigns. But engaging in visual content like an info graphic blog post may be the next path forward for cash-strapped marketers. Not only are info graphics affordable, but they’re also immensely effective in grabbing the focus of your target audience. They can also help you get across your point by visually displaying data-driven content. However, just adding info graphics to the content mix will not magically lift the brand all the way to the top.

9 Merge similar post

There are several different reasons why you might want to merge posts.

  • Rank Higher For One Of Your Target Keywords.
  • An Article for More Keywords.
  • Bulk up An Article.
  • Get Rid Of Lower Quality Articles That Aren’t Ranking Or Sending You Any Traffic.
  • Clean Up Your Site Architecture.

10 Update older content

As you move through your blog path, your views, viewpoints, and information will evolve. You’ll read more about your industry, learn new things, and develop your writing style. If you don’t upgrade your older content to show your new knowledge and concepts, you’d do a lot of harm to your audience. Plus, upgrading the content also has an SEO advantage. Think about all this, even if you rank #1, the competitors might want to compete for the top spot. Or Google can “remove” your rankings because it thinks your content is out of date. So, you should try to keep the content new and up to date.

11 Paid traffic i.e. engaging in influencer marketing

One of the effective paid advertisements is GOOGLE. By paying to Google, it brings up your website to number one ranking with some keywords. Some other method is social media advertisement. Displaying ads on other websites.

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