Top 10 Best Alternative of Whatsapp You Can Use

best alternative of whatsapp

Best Alternative of Whatsapp

Best Alternative of Whatsapp: The most popular messaging app is WhatsApp Messenger on the planet owned by Facebook. The company of this app release regularly new features that ensure that this app remains at the top. Recently WhatsApp its privacy policy was updated that clarifies how they handle all user’s data within the family of Facebook and products apps. However, users are not happy now with this app.

Moreover, it is also clear that through this policy, the company of this app will collect a lot of user’s data from their devices. However, not all users have an issue with this policy. But those users that are not satisfied with this policy can use another securing and personal app. Because the best alternatives of WhatsApp is also available.

Here are 10 best apps that are the best alternatives to WhatsApp, and we can use them in 2021. And these apps are focus on features and privacy more.

These are:

  1. Telegram Messenger
  2. Signal Private Messenger
  3. Discord
  4. Bridge
  5. Kik
  6. Snapchat
  7. Skype
  8. Keybase
  9. Viber
  10. Threema

Though WhatsApp is using worldwide in almost all businesses because of its easy access online dissertation help uk and has a quick response to the students via WhatsApp. Still, all the other Apps working like WhatsApp are also best to use.

Telegram Messenger

Now the best competitor of  WhatsApp is Telegram Messenger without any change. It is the best Alternative of Whatsapp because it has the same features as WhatsApp has, and it is still an open-source messaging app. Latter this app brings with other features like a group of people up to 100,00, username, public channel, up to 1.5 GB files sharing ability, passcode lock, end-to-end encryption, and self-destructing messages in a secret chat.

However, Telegram Bots are also present that really experience enhance. These bots inform us of the important go info, and several games provide that we can play inside this app.

But it is said that this app does not have good features of video colls. But they can bring for us these features that we have not found in WhatsApp. So if those people who do not care about video calls, this app is the best option for them.

Signal Private Messenger

The organization is Signal Foundation that powers technology end-to-end encryption in Facebook and WhatsApp  Messengers. It offers its messaging app known as a private signal messenger. If we compared this app with WhatsApp, we expect from this app that it brings us many security benefits. So it offers screen security( that prevents taking screenshots to anyone), self-destructing messages, and more.

Moreover, encryption brings Signal to its group calls, calls, backup, or in the app every other data. Even all files that we send through this app are protected. Furthermore, in the App store listing of Apple, this app does not link any data with our identity.

So the users that securely want to communicate with each other then this app is best for them. Within journalists, this app is very popular.


Discord is just a chatting platform with our game fellows. While a variety of servers of Discord, we can explore with our interests to engage. So we can use the features of this app’s message to send messages, emotes, emojis, images, GIFs, or even documents. Moreover, we can make voice or video calls, or together browse after sharing our screens.


WhatsApp, like all online messaging apps, has only one problem. The internet connection is very important to use this app because we can’t use these apps without an internet connection. And a normal messaging app for text will not work. Then we can play with this app that is an offline messaging app. Because not mobile or internet is required for this app.


A great messaging app is Kik for all users who don’t want their number to use to operate this messaging app. In comparison, the WhatsApp app requires a number to operate. So this beast platform for those that don’t like this.

This app we can operate only with our Email. ID. If we sign up for this app with our email id then this app a unique name is created for us that we can give to others and can chat with them. However, this app has the best features. And we have to access all these features like text messages, stickers, emojis, photo or video sharing. And it also provides Kik bots.


Snapchat is technically a social media app and messaging app. It has some unique features that made this app the best alternative to Whatsapp. For example, we can send a message with a period of self-destructing. And if someone takes our chat screenshot, then it shows us a notification.  And now this app includes the best collection of face masks that we can use for fun.

However, other chat features or voice and video coll features also present in this app.

Skype App

The best chat application for business is considered Skype. It has behind Microsoft power. And this app left all other apps of businesses in the dust. Due to these features, normal users are not using this app. But it is the best chatting app that provides voice and video calls. On another chat app, it allowed only three to four people in one video call. But if we want tons of people to add in one video call, this is the best app for them.

Keybase App

It is another best app for this user that wants to communicate with others securely. This app is an open-source app, and no one private company can look at our data.

Through this app, we cant take screenshots of the chats. This works like the WhatsApp app. This app not only for business people but is for all those users that concerned with their privacy. This app does not require an email ID or phone number to operate this application.


Another famous app is Viber, which is similar to the WhatsApp app in features. This app offers messages, calls, and shared end-to-end media encryption. However, these messages are also encrypted if they are saved in different apps. It means that this app provides us with multiple support that lacks the WhatsApp app.

This app also provides voice and video calls. And it has the extra feature that we can international calls to those who are not using this app.


A seriously secure is Threema messaging app. This app encrypted all data shared files, messages, or even updates of status. But it lacks some features like WhatsApp like voice and video calling.

Due to the latest updates of security policy of through WhatsApp company. All people are looking for the best Alternative to the Whatsapp app. So these are the best apps that are mention above. People can use them.

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