Top 8 Telugu YouTube Channels to Follow

Top Telugu YouTube Channels

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Top 8 Telugu YouTube Channels

Top Telugu YouTube Channels: YouTube is a stage loaded up with skilled and imaginative individuals. To begin a YouTube channel, all you need is a decent web association. In any case, to get effective, you should be inventive with your substance. A few Telugu YouTube channels are using the assets to make an imprint in the dazzling universe of the web.

The Telugu film industry is giving these YouTubers a lot of chances to work. They are giving these stars part in their motion pictures. Furthermore, consequently, the entertainment world uses these channels for web-based media advertising purposes.

We have thought of a couple of Telugu YouTube stars and their diverts in this article. How about we look at them.

1. Hyderabad Diaries

The YouTube channel, Hyderabad Diaries, draws out the Goodness of the city of Hyderabad to its crowd. With a group of more than 1,000,000, this YouTube channel has increased a lot of fans and profit. Hyderabad Diaries began in 2010, when the team, Sharukh khan and Abrar Khan, transferred a couple of recordings, depicting the average culture of the individuals and the city in a light and hilarious sense.

The assemblages of Hyderabad Diaries with rib-stimulating references to every day situations merit viewing. The yearly total assets of Hyderabad Diaries is anyplace somewhere in the range of $45k and $720.2k.


Viva, with 1.27 million endorsers, overwhelmed YouTube with a presentation short film. Diverting and clever substance of this YouTube channel vibrates with the young people of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana people group. As of late, The Culture Machine acquired this YouTube channel since it was such a hit.

The total assets of VIVA is $284,000 as of August 2020.

3. Mahathalli

Mahathalli is one of the top YouTubers of Telugu. She makes short amusing recordings of 4-6 minutes.

The genuine name of this notable YouTuber is JahnaviDasetty. She was conceived on seventh September 1991 in Hyderabad. She got her degree in Fashion Technology from NIFT College, New Delhi. Instead of turning into a customary specialist or architect, Jahnavi needed to accomplish something novel and extraordinary. In this way, she began acting in short motion pictures and afterward turned into a full-time performer.

Jahnavi began her satire arrangement subsequent to making a couple of short motion pictures. The name of the arrangement was MahathalliMahanubhavudu. It got great audits and reactions, which caused her to make a YouTube account. She began transferring little parody dramas on her channel that were relatable to the crowd, which pulled in the watchers.

Jahnavi teamed up with a few film stars in her YouTube vocation, including RituVarma, Vijay Devarakonda, Sushanth, and some more. She later got hitched to Sushanth. As of late, Mahathalli is engaged with engaging her crowd with her astounding recordings.

Aside from YouTube, Jahnavi filled in as a design merchandiser, film beautician, and an associate chief.

The YouTube channel of Mahathalli has crossed 1,000,000 supporters – a not many Telugu YouTube channels came to such achievement. For 1,000,000 endorsers, she got Golden Play Button from YouTube.

Through her YouTube Channel, JahnaviDasetty (Mahathalli) makes an agreeable measure of cash. On a normal premise, she gets 392k+ perspectives and wins anyplace somewhere in the range of $98 and $1.6k (as indicated by Social Blade). Also, on 11 million perspectives, Jahnavi makes between $2.9k to 47.1k$/month. These figures are not precise; this is only a gauge.

4. Chicago Subbarao

Utilizing interesting and innovative recordings, the Chicago Subbarao endeavoured to bring the issues looked by NRIs. A brainchild of three youthful grown-ups, including Harish Dasari, Prudhvi Raj Sampara, and PraneethRamasagaram, known for making recordings of six to eight minutes.

The Indian public living in the USA can identify with these recordings. The total assets of Chicago Subbarao is assessed at $6.57k to $39.4k.

5. Shanmukh Jaswanth

ShanmukhJaswanthKandregula (Shannu) is a respected Indian Telugu Youtuber who storms the stage with his move moves. He has 741k supporters, and he associates with his fans through his speciality to move. Shannu has a huge fanbase on YouTube just as Instagram.

He was conceived on sixteenth September 1994. Shannu’s preferred diversion is to make recordings, and this side interest has helped him gain a great deal. He is an aspect of another YouTube channel, VIVA, and make recordings for them.

The blaze versatile video turned into his rising spread on YouTube. Up till now, this video has traversed 4.7 million perspectives. Additionally, this was the video that presented to him a ton of endorsers of his channel. Shannu utilized the open door in the correct manner and transferred a greater amount of such sort of recordings.

In the wake of increasing a great deal of endorsers and developing his YouTube channel, Shannu now transfers entertaining recordings too. The main assets of his salary are YouTube and Instagram. As indicated by a year ago’s YouTube pay, Shanmukh acquires about $670 to $10k/month. The total assets of Instagram is difficult to gauge, so we can’t state about his Instagram gaining.

6. Vikram Aditya

Vikram Aditya is a famous YouTuber, conceived on nineteenth February 1989 in the USA. He is simply the main broadcasted Indian performer and expert instructive YouTuber. They make recordings in the Telugu language with English captions.

He is one of the wealthiest United States conceived YouTuber stars. Alongside 1.66 million endorsers on YouTube channel, Vikram has more than 78k supporters on Instagram too.

The assessed total assets of Vikram Aditya of the year 2019 was $1 million to $5 million. His essential salary source is YouTube.

7. Nerdy Ranjit

Ranjit Kumar (Geeky Ranjit) is a device and thingamabobs crack. He surveys everything from a cell phone to LEDs. Ranjit discusses innovation and how it can make our carries on with easy. He was conceived in Hyderabad in 1977. Since youth, Ranjit was enthusiastic about various contraptions and innovation.

In his late teenagers, he raised his energy for programming. It was when not many individuals used to have PCs in their homes. Utilizing the PC unit of a cousin, Ranjit Kumar gave his hand a shot each kind of program, applications, and game creation.

In the wake of investigating his affection for programming, Ranjit advanced into web improvement. He began offering independent types of assistance as an IT guide, alongside creating locales and applications for US-based customers.

Ranjit Kumar made his YouTube channel when the adaptation include was not accessible. He named his authority YouTube account, Geeky Ranjit. The principal survey video of Ranjit was on the ASUS switch, which didn’t get an appropriate reaction. In this way, he turned towards a few organizations for sponsorship, however, it despite everything didn’t produce a lot of reaction.

To get accomplishment on YouTube, Ranjit utilized his pioneering abilities and decided to put resources into his channels. He used to purchase the devices and did certifiable surveys on them. It pulled in the crowd, and soon Ranjit began bringing in cash with his YouTube channel.

Presently, Ranjit Kumar has more than 3,000,000 supporters on his YouTube channel, and he positioned among the Top 10 Indian YouTube Millionaires. Ranjit is notable for his unprejudiced assessments and information over his themes.

8. Telugu Mojo

Telugu Mojo transfers recordings including paranormal and powerful exercises from around the world. Praveen Kumar Rayapati is the man behind this channel. He achieves enthralling realities as short recordings about the puzzling exercises and energizing genuine stories.

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